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Kangaroo Jack serves Australian food mixed with Filipino delicacies. It is popular for the steaks like T-Bone, Porterhouse and Bulalo. Each steak comes with mouth-watering mushroom gravy. The steaks can be served medium well, medium rare, well-done or anyhow. Apart from the steaks, Kangaroo Jack also serves seafood, pancakes, waffles, pasta, and now, seeing its posters, it has already expanded its menu to pizza and merienda meals. All in all, the food is good!

ImageAppetizer: Cheese-dip beefy fries


Kangaroo Jack’s seafood platter 

Seafood Platter is perfect for those who want a break from the usual fresh vegetables. The sweet salty taste of each piece complements well to java rice and potato salad that goes with it. Their platters are mostly consisted of their delectable steak, grilled and sizzlers that sure to hit the right spot on your hungry tummy! The moment we saw how big the plate is and how it can really fill the tummies of 4 people, I’m sure that this is gonna be a hit to our group. With that price, serving size and ambiance that is so homey, my first hop to Kangaroo Jack will surely be followed!


Thank you Kangaroo Jack!

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